Our commitments


at the heart of our management system

Driven by the desire to satisfy companies and managers more and more and to offer training courses that are as close as possible to their expectations and concerns, we have structured an approach to improving our quality based on the following commitments:

  • To be close to organisations and managers by favouring territorial anchoring and networking.
  • To enable participants to mark a managerial progression in their environment thanks to a pedagogy focused on cooperation and development strategies.
  • Placing participants at the heart of the training system in order to better listen to them so as to adapt and renew the offer according to their needs.
99 %
of the participants feel that they have developed their skills within the framework of Germe training cycle
100 %
of participants feel they have developed their skills in the Emergence training cycle
100 %
recommend Germe training cycle
100 %
recommend Emergence training cycle

Survey conducted in 2019 with 401 participating managers.

Concrètement, la qualité ?

Certification NF Service Formation continue hors alternance

Depuis 2018, nous avons obtenu la certification NF Service Formation continue hors alternance, délivrée par AFNOR Certification à l'issue d'un audit de l'ensemble de nos activités :

  • la relation commerciale

  • la conception de l’offre pédagogique proposée

  • la préparation de la formation

  • la réalisation de la formation

  • l’évaluation des résultats


La certification NF Service formation continue hors alternance atteste de la qualité de l'offre GERME et de la compétence de chacun des acteurs engagés au sein du réseau pour le développement des compétences managériales.

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De plus, elle garantit :

  • une écoute des besoins et une adaptation aux attentes des managers et entreprises

  • une équipe régulièrement formée

  • une évaluation continue de la qualité des formations


Elle fait l'objet d'audits réguliers par AFNOR Certification.

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Datadock : de quoi s'agit-il ?

Datadock est une base de données commune à l’ensemble des financeurs qui a été lancée en janvier 2017 par un collectif d’OPCA. Les organismes de formation ont l’obligation de s’enregistrer sur la plateforme afin de prouver leur conformité aux exigences de qualité prévues par la loi.

Être “datadocké” constitue un préalable obligatoire pour bénéficier de toute prise en charge de la formation par un financeur.

Pour être « référençable » sur Datadock, un organisme de formation doit décrire la manière dont il répond à chacun des 21 indicateurs de qualité et fournir les éléments de preuve associés (ceux-ci sont consultables sur le site Datadock).

What about tomorrow?


Law n°2018-771 of 5 September 2018 for the freedom to choose one's professional future provides for the obligation of certification by a third party organisation of organisations carrying out actions contributing to the development of skills on the basis of a single reference system, if they wish to benefit from public or mutualised funds (financing by a skills operator, by the State, by the Regions, by the Caisse des dépôts et consignations - CPF, by Pôle Emploi or by AGEFIPH).

This new reference system is a "quality system" which commits the training provider to a mode of "action" and proof.

On 7 November last, the Ministry of Labour unveiled Qualiopi, the name of the quality certification mark for training providers.

Qualiopi's objectives

  • Guarantee the quality of the process implemented by the training provider according to a national quality reference framework based on 7 criteria and 22 common indicators (common core).

  • Making the training offer more transparent to companies

Logo Qualiopi

GERME in 2020

The certification of training organisations will be issued by an accredited certifying body (Labour Code Art. L. 6316-2) or by any other labelling body recognised by the organisation France Compétences.

In September 2020, GERME is committed to a Qualiopi certification process combined with NF Service Formation certification in the framework of a combined audit.

More information

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Continuous improvement

Satisfaction at the centre of our organisation

  • A satisfaction and skills development survey is carried out among participants after each day of training and at the end of each cycle. The transformation of practices in the company is the subject of a cold survey four months after the training.

  • Listening and exchanges with companies and managers, dialogue with group leaders and speakers as well as with auditors enable us to improve and develop our offer on an ongoing basis.

A special contact

Have you attended one of our training courses and would like to tell us about your dissatisfaction? 

You can contact our Quality Manager by phone or by e-mail:


Aïcha Allagnat 
Phone : +33 6 66 57 41 36
Mail : amelioration@germe.com

A team at your service

The quality culture is part of our values and is fully embraced by all our services.

GERME has taken up the challenge of a holacratic organisation which translates into a distribution of "power" and leadership by favouring agile and flexible operation with the intention of collective intelligence.

The Quality referents meet every week during the Continuous Improvement Circle in order to follow the activity in a spirit of improvement of the quality approach.

All the activity pilots meet every six months during the strategic review to analyse the indicators and take into account feedback from stakeholders.


Accessibility Resources

GERME is strongly committed to an approach that aims on the one hand to welcome people with disabilities without discrimination and on the other hand to guarantee them equal rights and opportunities to access employment and training.

To this end, GERME has appointed two Disability Consultants (1 Disability Employment Consultant and 1 Disability Quality Training Consultant) who constitute an internal resource on disability with the main objective of supporting the management and implementation of our commitments. 

To carry out their missions, the GERME Disability Consultants rely on a network of specialised external partners and the entire GERME internal network, which is regularly informed and aware of the legal principle.

Our disability references



Phone : aicha.allagnat@germe.com

Tel : ​+33 6 66 57 41 36


Pursuant to the law of 02/11/2005 for equal rights and opportunities, participation and citizenship of disabled people, vocational training organisations are required to offer adapted training conditions to compensate for the person's disability (Article D5211-2 and following of the Labour Code).


The GERME association, by virtue of its holacratic and humanist organisation, is all the more concerned to respond favourably to legislative requirements by being part of a model of cooperation which favours the co-construction of the training pathway developed with the various professional players.

This is done through :

  • supporting the steering of our policy for the reception and integration of people with disabilities
  • a close relationship with the facilitators to facilitate the identification of the person with a disability and seek solutions to facilitate access to the training cycle and organise individualised and reinforced follow-up throughout the training cycle
  • the development of the pedagogical accessibility of training courses with a teaching team that has a perfect knowledge of the subject and that therefore takes care to propose adaptations to meet the needs of the person welcomed (duration, rhythm, layout, methods, teaching aids etc....)
  • ensure the accessibility of the training premises (vigilance is taken to adapt to the needs of the four families of disabled persons who meet the accessibility requirements)
  • a circle assessment Continuous improvement, which helps guide the evolution of practices with regard to our quality approach


GERME makes every effort to make the Germ and Emergence cycles accessible to people with disabilities. To find out more about our accessibility policy, contact Aïcha Allagnat at aicha.allagnat@germe.com.



Phone : anne.gabard@germe.com

Tel : +33 2 49 62 24 24


GERME pursues its commitment to social responsibility with a diversity policy that guarantees the principle of equal opportunities in access to employment and professional development. More specifically, GERME pays particular attention to its recruitments, which are based solely on the skills, qualifications, experience and motivation of the candidate.

The support of the network of partners in the disability sector enables the necessary accommodations to be put in place to welcome and integrate the employee.

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