Why choose GERME?

Participating in GERME’s training course in management consists in being part of a group of managers having different experiences and coming from a variety of functions and backgrounds. It also involves adopting a shared vision.

The diversity of groups members and the richness of the issues experienced by each one of them enlightments contribute to the development of managerial skills.

Everyone learns thanks to the interventions of experts, helped by the facilitator, the sharing of experiences and the search for creative solutions between peers.

Why choose GERME?

Our management training programmes

The themes of our professional management training course are determined and based on the needs of each and every member of the group.
This course is co-constructed under the impulse of the facilitator of each local group. It is based on the enrichments and proposals resulting from the expertise and experience in management training capitalised throughout the network. This close link with the reality experienced by the managers guarantees a progressive co-development of skills. A specific training programme is created to meet the needs of each local group.

Our pedagogical programme

Created over time, our programmes include sessions with an expert, alternating with workshops to reflect with peers group member’s experience. They are designed to capitalise on what has been learned, to exchange on each member’s examples and experiences, to transpose them in the company and to improve through feedback from, with the aim of developing managerial skills. Growing together !

Our events

Beyond the group in which he/she evolves during the training programme, the manager benefits from GERME’s network at a local, regional and national level.  Innovative methodologies and tools are to be discovered during our events, in which the manager fully participate and co-produces ideas and contents thanks to participative methods. These highlight moments are very much appreciated of all since they are also an opportunity to develop one’s network.

Our learning process

GERME is a rich network of links between managers, companies and territories: a systemic human mosaic within which each one learns by him/herself and by others, a learning process over time. This wealth of stories, practices, managerial situations and issues is the basis of a complete learning process that includes the development of systemic thinking, working on our mental schemes, knowledge of oneselves as individuals and managers, the ability to implement a shared vision, to deploy wellness and teamwork. In the company learning to develop managerial skills.

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