The association

Business Management Training and Reflecting Groups

Our association brings together managers from all types of organizations, who are willing to develop a humanistic and positive transformation of the professional and managerial world: do better and more humanly.

With the help of referenced contributors who bring their expertise and experience, and facilitators consulting and training professionals we produce an offer:

  • of training cycles

  • learning events

  • innovative tools

These activities are deployed to bring you one opportunity to be and keep ahead of an experience, with a rich network of links between managers, companies and territories.

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Our values

Progress Respect Opening Trust Humility Together

These are the indispensable conditions for creating a friendly environment for collective intelligence. More

GERME Key Players

  • actor president
  • actor animators
  • actor groups
  • actor speakers
  • actor directors board
  • actor network team
  • President

    Elected every 2 years by the members of each local group, he/she represents them and federates them around the Germ values. An active and exemplary participant, he/she brings dynamics to the group, carries the group its expectations of the group and contributes to the development of GERME's notoriety.

  • Facilitator

    Trained in Germ pedagogy, he/she guarantees the respect of GERME's values and is responsible for the progress of his/her group. He/She defines the lines of improvement, prepares pedagogical programs and each meeting according to the needs and expectations of the group, working in close in relation with experts and the GERME pedagogical team. He is also a coordinator, a developer and a privileged relay of the network and promoter of the GERME values among the various actors, network partners and potential members. With the president of the group, he/she participates in the development of the visibility and notoriety of Germe.

  • Member

    Being a GERME member means you engage yourself one the path of managerial progress by taking part in days of the training cycle, getting involved in the dynamics of your local group and taking part in decisions of the association by voting at the general assembly.

  • Expert

    An important actor in GERME’s method and pedagogy, since he/she contributes according to the needs of the groups, to sharing knowledge and tools based on from his/her professional experience. He /Sheencourages reflection and action. An expert is referenced at the national level on the basis of his/her managerial experience and his field of expertise.

  • Board of Directors

    A center of competence that builds the vision and defines the strategy of GERME Association. It controls the accounts, ensures the durability of GERME’s values (P.R.O.C.H.E: Progress, Respect, Openness,Trust, Humility, Together) and the balance between the actors of the network. It is composed of managers from GERME’s groups, elected at the Association's General Meeting, as well as group leaders, company directors and qualified individuals.

  • The GERME Network Team

    Close to the actors network, the central national team implements the strategy such as it was co-constructed by actors and validated by the board of directors. The team provides value-added services in terms of pedagogy, monitoring, management, communication and information systems. Every day, the employees of the association work for the network, the vocation and the development of Germe.

Our history



The idea of a training network dedicated to management teams is born. Supported by the APM (French Association for the Progress of Management), the first meeting of Germe’s cycle is organised in Saint-Brieuc (Brittany).



Filing of the statutes in Paris Prefecture and official birth of the association GERME (Group for Training and Reflection on Business Management).



Awarded the Olivier Lecerf Humanist Management Prize by the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences.



"Le Grand Parcours", the first National Germe Meeting gathering 600 managers on the theme of collective commitment.



Launch of a new offer: Emergence cycle for local managers.



“Transmission Québec”, 1st Learning Exploration on collaborative methods with 25 actors of the network.



"Grandeur Nature", 2nd National Meeting gathering 900 managers on their vision the manager of tomorrow.



GERME is certified NF214 FORMATION INITIALE HORS ALTERNANCE for the quality of its offer of training cycle Germe.

Our quality approach

Our quality approach
AFNOR Certification

Germe cycle is certified by AFNOR Certification (NF Service formation continue hors alternance).


La certification des organismes de formation est délivrée par un organisme certificateur accrédité (Code du travail Art. L. 6316-2) ou par toute autre instance de labellisation reconnue par l’organisme France Compétences.

Become a member

How to join GERME ?
3 ways:

  • Participating in Germe or Emergence training cycle +
  • Becoming a facilitator or an expert within GERME Network +
  • Keeping on living the experience after the end of Germe or Emergence training cycle +
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