Emergence training cycle

Managerial development for operational or local managers.

The Emergence cycle is a managerial development training course for operational or local managers.

The objective is to enable managers to develop their skills and integrate new managerial practices for middle management, so that they can mobilise around their company's development projects.

Cycle de formation Emergence

Le cycle Emergence est une formation au management dédiée aux managers opérationnels et de proximité. Vous bénéficiez d'événements avec des experts autours de sujets du management, d'échanges avec des pairs de secteurs différents, et découvrez des méthodes managériales humanistes, pour un progrès managérial durable. Renforcez vos compétences et softs skills de manager pour devenir développeurs d’intelligence collective.


This cycle is aimed at supervisors or managers with a 1st or 2nd level managerial or operational function: managers of operators (employees, technicians, workers, etc.).


A unique training cycle of 12 days over 18 months, spread over 4 to 8 weeks in a alternating cycle of : 

  • 6 days with expert experts
  • 6 workshops with peers to share experiences and reflect on their experiences


The training locations are determined by the group leader. Concerning the dates, it is a choice co-constructed with the facilitator.


  • Have a team responsibility
  • Being in business
  • Be available to attend the 12 training days


Certification Afnor

Our training organisation is certified "NF Service Formation continue hors alternance" and is also Datadock referenced.


Cost of the Emergence training cycle : 4200 € HT, VAT of 20%.

It includes training services delivered by an instructor and expert speakers, theoretical and practical support, catering costs (lunches and breaks), room rentals for the 12 days.


Registration for the training course requires membership of the GERME association.

Annual membership from 1 January to 31 December: 40€ HT, VAT of 20%.


  • Identify the strengths and areas for improvement in managerial skills
  • Implementing methods to federate and motivate your team(s) around projects and yourself
  • Apply collaborative management techniques to your team(s) to ensure their cohesion
  • Identifying the talents of its team(s) to support skills development
  • Implementing continuous improvement processes, maintaining team spirit


  • At the start of your training, you are invited to assess your level of mastery of the various skills covered by the Emergence cycle
  • Each Emergence meeting is an opportunity to seize a new tool, a new idea, a new rich experience to share and gives rise to a report with the speaker's materials
  • To define your areas of progress and measure your progress, use the Emergence manager's self-assessment grid on managerial skills and keep a record of what you implement with your roadmap
  • An evaluation is carried out at the end of each day from the mobile application. After the 12 days of training, you will receive an overall evaluation of the objectives of the Emergence cycle. 4 months after the end of the cycle, you will receive a survey on the implementation of the learning outcomes of the training.


In order to optimise the contributions of the Emergence cycle for you and your company, it is important that each party involved commits to a certain number of points. They encourage the capitalisation of knowledge, implementation and sharing of experience.

For the manager :

  • Attendance at meetings
  • To put into practice, within the company, the skills acquired in the Emergence training cycle
  • Engage in a process of self-evaluation and progress
  • Return to the company
  • Ensuring the confidentiality of exchanges within the group
  • Sharing experiences to be an actor in the group's progress


For the company :

  • Consider the Emergence training cycle as an investment in the evolution of the manager
  • Allow the participant in the Emergence training cycle to participate in each of the 12 days
  • To encourage feedback from the participant via exchanges within the company
  • Carefully follow the manager's Emergence path following the training days
  • Facilitate the implementation of his managerial project and provide him with advice
  • Ask for feedback from the manager at the end of the course or during an annual interview


GERME is strongly committed to an approach that aims on the one hand to welcome people with disabilities without discrimination and on the other hand to guarantee them equal rights and opportunities to access employment and training.

In this respect, a Disability and Training Quality Advisor has been appointed to support the manager.