A learning ecosystem

At the service of a caring and co-constructed management

GERME is a learning ecosystem with management training cycles, fed by a laboratory of research and exploration open to the world and composed of members linked around the values shared by the association.


Our vision of management consists in placing the human being at the very heart of management. It also favours trust in others, cooperation, respect and empathy as values for action. A Humanist and positive management in which managers grow up and quality interpersonal relationships are built. This type of management contributes to having more responsible companies where everyone is willing to give the best of themselves. A collaborative managerial environment where the well-being of each individual contributes to the development of the team and the company.

Un écosystème apprenant

Humanist values

In the local training groups as well as in the association, strong values are lived out which allow participants to progress together in a safe and friendly environment to train and share their practices before experimenting in their companies and with their teams.

Our values

Nos valeurs
Progress Respect Opening Trust Humility Together

These are the indispensable conditions for creating a friendly environment for collective intelligence. More

A cooperative and participative pedagogy

Since 1998, the pedagogy, in line with Germe's values, has been based since 1998 on the concepts of heutagogy, a form of self-directed learning in which the manager adapts his knowledge to his needs, current challenges and his desire of growing.

Une pédagogie participative et collaborative

La singularité de la Pédagogie GERME repose sur :

  • La variété des métiers et des types d'entreprises et d'organisations au sein des groupes.

  • La co-création du programme de formation par les membres du groupe.


GERME contribue au développement durable des compétences des managers par le partage d'expériences et l'apport d'experts. Chaque manager s'appuie sur des outils, des réflexions et des expériences vécues pour être pleinement acteur de sa progression managériale.

Co-responsible management

GERME managers are opened to the world’s evolution, are inspired by people and diversity to become leaders of collective intelligence and actors of transformations.

They develop their teams by using the contributions of GERME pedagogy and they develop the "knowing how to become together" by a co-responsible management.